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University Planning & Development

As a staff unit, we work on a wide range of strategic topics and projects for the further development of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. Do you have any ideas or questions in this regard? We look forward to exchanging ideas with you. On this page you will find an insight into our fields of activity and the respective contact persons.

Tasks at a Glance

University Development & Strategy

Through the continuous, joint strategic (further) development of our university, we actively shape change processes.

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Capacity Planning, Controlling & Reporting

Good higher education development planning requires a systematic approach to capacity planning, controlling and reporting.

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Organisational Development & Projects

We initiate and accompany processes to promote long-term strategy and organisationaland organisationaldevelopmentand to ensure their quality.

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Human Resources Development & the P³Dual Project

We support processes of personnel development and the recruitment of academic and artistic staff.

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1. University Development and Strategy

  • The University of Applied Sciences Potsdam is constantly developing. We have established a strategy development process in which we intertwine the university's goals with the goals of the departments in various stages and involve the university members in a countercurrent principle. With the help of this process, the university pursues its long-term strategic goals while remaining flexible for new opportunities and changes.
  • Strategic planning takes place in a 5-year cycle. We take care of the further development of the university's goals, the preparation of the university development plan (StEP) and the internal allocation of funds.
  • We coordinate the practical implementation of development planning at the various levels and support the respective departments.

Contact: Dr. Silvia Adelhelm

2. Capacity Planning, Controlling and Reporting

  • Good strategies and decisions require quick access to reliable figures, key figures and statistics. With the help of HIS-BI (Business Intelligence), we are establishing a systematic reporting system at the university to make this information available. In addition, we take care of capacity planning and reporting for the university on behalf of the Presidential Board.
  • In the context of controlling, we support the university management with information and analyses in fulfilling its tasks in the areas of planning, management and control. In doing so, we take care of the monitoring of strategic goal achievement, the further development of internal resource allocation as well as cost and performance accounting. In addition to EU separation accounting issues, we handle various tax matters for the university (e.g. value-added tax, taxes on commercial operations). Benchmarking, comparative calculations and the coordination and implementation of ranking evaluations are also part of our tasks.
  • In the course of contract management at the university, we accompany the drafting of project and cooperation agreements and approve them before they are signed.

Contact: Diana Deponte, Rainald Wurzer

3. Organisational Development and Projects

  • We initiate and accompany strategic projects of the university that help to find solutions for current and future challenges of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.
  • With the expansion of university-wide process management, we are pursuing the goal of making university processes more transparent, optimising them as part of the digitalisation projects and creating process standards.
  • As strategic university projects, we are responsible, among other things, for the further development of digital reporting (HIS-BI) and the optimisation of cost and performance accounting (HIS-COB). In addition, we are supporting the introduction of a document management system (DMS) at the university.
  • In the long term, we would like to develop a holistic quality management system for Potsdam University of Applied Sciences, working closely with the staff unit Quality Management Studies and Teaching in close cooperation.

Contact: Silvia Adelhelm

4. Human Resources Development and the P³Dual Project

  • University of Applied Sciences Potsdam is an attractive employer and has set itself the goal of further expanding its personnel development. In addition to individual, needs-oriented measures for employees, university-wide standards of personnel development and leadership responsibility are being developed. We support this process as a staff unit.
  • In the project "P³Dual - Recruitment and development of professorial staff at the FH Potsdam Dual", attractive career paths for doctoral students and postdocs as well as practitioners towards a professorship at the University of Applied Sciences are being identified and developed. In the interplay between theory and practice, we inspire young academics to pursue a career at a university of applied sciences and support them through long-term cooperation with practice partners. This is intended to demonstrate the HAW professorship as an attractive career path and close the gap in the search for suitable professorial staff. At the same time, we are expanding cooperation with our strategic partners and creating a strong basis for innovative research and transfer projects that advance the university's future fields. We coordinate the project and, in the process, further develop academic personnel development as well as the promotion of young academics at University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

Contact: Serviola Beqiraj, Sylvia Schmid


University Planning & Development

Room 3.09 – 3.10
Dr. Silvia Adelhelm
Head of University Planning and Development
Diana Deponte
Staff member of Controlling, Separation Accounting, Taxes
Rainald Wurzer
Staff member for controlling, capacity concerns, resource allocation models, project and cooperation agreements
Dr. rer. pol. Sylvia Schmid
Consultant for Academic Human Resources Development and Project Coordinator P³Dual