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The FHP Mobil

Das FHP Mobil abends auf dem beleuchteten Campus der FH Potsdam
© Gilbert Wigankow

The FHP Mobil is a space for innovative ideas, actions and a platform for dialogue. The tiny house on wheels has been in use at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam since summer 2021. It shows the diverse activities of the university, across all departments and institutes, in changing exhibitions and presentations as well as in events.

Review of the FHP Mobil tour

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FHP Mobil goes Brandenburg

In order to strengthen, activate and motivate the interaction between universities, non-university research institutions and actors from business, politics and civil society, the FHP Mobil visits Brandenburg's municipalities. On-site discussions are held with actors from business, politics, administrations, youth welfare organisations/democracy promotion and civil society about perspectives for shaping Brandenburg's cities and municipalities at eye level. Important topics are to be identified and new forms of cooperation found.


The successful implementation of the FHP Mobil project, from the idea to the writing of the application, the planning and the construction, is thanks to many trades and people. We would like to thank in particular:

Idea provider

Prof. Hermann Weizenegger
Prof. Jörg Hundertpfund

Project management University of Applied Sciences Potsdam Bernadette Wüchner
Clara Keseberg
Design Ivo Erichsen and
Max Wosczyna
Construction Carpentry Christian Bock
Construction supervision University of Applied Sciences Potsdam Max Wosczyna
Loan of lighting mawa Design Licht- und Wohnideen GmbH
Sponsorship of the facade Prefa GmbH