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ÜberAl – Transitions of Deaf and Hard of Hearing People in Working Life

The research project funded by the Hans Böckler Foundation is investigating the challenges and needs of employees who sign during career transitions.

Research project
Forming Society
Cooperation partners:
  • Dr Salman Ansari
  • Marion Bohn
  • Detlef Diskowski
  • IFFE e.V.
  • Youth Education Centre Blossin e.V.
  • Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the State of Brandenburg
  • LISUM Berlin-Brandenburg
  • GOrBiKS-Transfer Office
Hans Böckler Foundation

Career transitions present challenges, but also opportunities for personal fulfilment. However, for people with disabilities in particular, these transitions are generally more risky. They become particularly sensitive phases that contribute to social exclusion or inclusion. For people with hearing impairments who communicate in sign language, communication barriers with public authorities and employers in particular contribute to making professional participation more difficult.

The research project examines the challenges faced by employees who sign during career transitions and how successful counselling and support for these transitions can be provided by social services. To this end, interviews with professionals from specialist integration services and their recipients will be conducted during the research period and examples of good practice will be compiled.


Social and Educational Sciences Department

Room 105
Profilfoto Franziska Geib
Professor for inclusive work with people with disabilities and for diversity