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Project "Changing Perspectives" – Images of Innovative Learning in the Higher Education Context

Under the direction of Wiebke Loeper, photographs from different universities and research fields were created in the course "Changing Perspectives", which were subsequently exhibited in the Foundation's rooms in Hamburg.

Tänzer*in auf einer Bühne an der Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg (Dramaturgie)
Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg (Dramaturgie), 2021 © Simon Lou Schüler
Cooperation project
Teaching project
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Foundation for Innovation in University Teaching
Trust Foundation under the auspices of the Töpfer Stiftung gGmbH
Raboisen 30
20095 Hamburg

Under the direction of Prof. Wiebke Loeper, Dean of the department, students from the Design Department examined the question of how innovative learning at universities can be presented in pictures. As part of the "Changing Perspectives" project funded by the Innovation in University Teaching Foundation, the students developed photographs in the winter semester 2021/22 and summer semester 2022 that open up different perspectives on their studies. They researched nationwide to record the teaching programs of universities and then set out on a journey with their cameras.

On May 30, the Innovation in University Teaching Foundation presented itself to the public for the first time and invited representatives from politics, science and teaching to its rooms in Hamburg.

The exhibition shows 120 photographs that emerged from the students' teaching project and show how lively and varied teaching and learning is. They impressively document the training at the police college, wood measurements in forestry studies, research in the laboratory, practicing on the flight simulator and screen printing in the graphics laboratory.

Every Tuesday, the foundation presents one of the pictures taken on X: @inno_lehre.