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Leaving Care – Experiences of Care Leavers in Poland and Germany

How do young people in Poland and Germany experience the process of transition from foster families and residential youth groups to independence?

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Research project
Funding by the German-Polish Science Foundation (DPWS)

In this qualitative, explorative comparative study, we are investigating the experiences of young people in Poland and Germany in cooperation with the Uniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski (Dr. Sylwester Zagulski) and other cooperation partners in Poland. In group discussions, we ask the young people for their recommendations for successful transition processes. The study also includes a system comparison of the legal and institutional conditions of leaving care in Poland and Germany.


Project management

Prof. Dr. phil. Friederike Lorenz-Sinai

Prof. Dr. Friederike Lorenz-Sinai

Professorship for Methods of Social Work and Social Work Research

Student employees

  • Sophia Hoppe
  • Claudia Gaebel