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Sustainable building: Geothermal energy - the heat of the future comes from the earth

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The "Sustainable Building" lecture series organised by the Brandenburg Chamber of Architects and the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences will focus on the topic of geothermal energy on 24 April 2024 and shed light on this natural resource using practical examples and empirical values. The event will take place in hybrid form, registration is required.

The requirements for the realisation of construction and planning tasks have become increasingly complex in the face of climate change. This begins with urban planning and, in addition to infrastructure and detailed planning, also includes the execution and operation of buildings and outdoor facilities, especially in the refurbishment of existing buildings.
Initiatives by the Brandenburg Chamber of Architects and students at Potsdam University of Applied Sciences resulted in a joint lecture series on the topic of "Sustainable Building" in spring 2022, with two events per semester.
The focus of the 8th event is on the natural resources below the earth's surface that can be utilised or made usable as heat sources and stores. This is a highly topical subject in view of the goal of becoming climate-neutral nationwide by 2045.
Based on the current situation in the heating sector, which is still characterised by the combustion of a lot of fossil energy for space heating, both alternatives and their limits are shown in order to be able to use local heat sources from the earth by 2045. Practical examples will also be used to illustrate the framework conditions and prerequisites required for this.

Expert speaker: Michael Viernickel, project coordinator at eZeit-Ingenieure GmbH Berlin specialising in geothermal energy
Guests on the podium:
Practice: Eckard Veil , Technical Managing Director of the energy supplier EWP (Energie und Wasser Potsdam)
Studies: Lara Brenner, (FHP, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning)
Research: Prof Dr Ingo Sass, GFZ Potsdam, Head of the Geoenergy Section
Moderation: Dipl.-Ing. Monika Remann, Chairwoman of the Sustainability Working Group of the Brandenburg Chamber of Architects

>When: 24.04.2024, 18:00 - 20:00 hrs
>Where: theatre workshop (main building/room 124) + livestream
External registration via the Brandenburg Chamber of Architects
Registration foruniversity members by e-mail to

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Prytula
Research professor for resource-optimised and climate-adapted construction
Head of Urban Future (M. A.)