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Holistic Coaching: Systemic Approaches in Health Management

Further education
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Katja Schönitz, an expert in occupational health management, knows the tools and strategies that companies need to create a positive working environment. In July 2024, she will complete the certificate course for systemic constellations and shares in an interview which holistic approaches she has included in her toolbox as a coach.

JS: How did you find out about the certificate course "Systemic Constellations" and what motivated you to take part?

KS: Via the homepage of the FH Potsdam. I wanted to further my education in something that was directly applicable in practice. I had also heard a lot about constellations, so I wanted to get closer to them through direct knowledge building.

JS: You work as a coach and health counsellor: What are the most common issues you are confronted with in a corporate context? To what extent does systemic work offer solutions here?

KS: As a health counsellor, people come to me primarily to talk about stress management and resilience. Another focus of my work is to support teams in their issues – especially in the development of constructive and effective cooperation. Systemic work offers valuable approaches to understanding the overall system, making it accessible to clients and teams and thus providing or generating a wider range of solutions from which they can draw.

JS: The course provides plenty of room for feedback and reflection. A trusting relationship with each other is crucial. How would you describe the atmosphere and interaction within the group?

KS: Very trusting: a space in which everyone can develop and is also accepted as they are, so that a protected learning space can develop. There is depth as well as fun and humour.

JS: Which of the modules were particularly beneficial for you? Have you already had the opportunity to put what you learnt into practice?

KS: All the modules were very valuable for me. I would particularly like to emphasise the module on family structure constellations and the module on personal development. What I learnt is already flowing into my work in the form of a clearer systemic attitude, and I have already actively applied smaller elements in my work with teams and clients.

JS: Who would you recommend the certificate course to?

KS: Anyone who actively supports people and groups preventively or therapeutically in a social sense.

JS: You will complete the course in July 2024. Where do you see yourself at that point? What goals would you like to have achieved by then and how do you plan to build on your experience?

KS: I am considering offering constellation evenings with colleagues in the medium term.

The interview was conducted by Julia Sammler.