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Press release

Awarding of the DAAD Prize 2023 to Phantina Sholi

Die Preisträgerin des DAAD Presies, Phantina Sholi hält ihre Urkunde und ein Strauß Blumen hoch. Sie steht in einem grün bewachsenen Garten.
Phantina Sholi erhält den DAAD-Preis 2023 © Rhona Hayday Reimann

Phantina Sholi, student in "Childhood Studies and Children's Rights (M. A.)", was awarded the DAAD Prize 2023 for her outstanding academic achievements and her remarkable intercultural commitment.

Before joining the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam Phantina Sholi obtained a Bachelor in “Media: TV and Radio Broadcasting” from Birzeit University - Palestine. During her bachelor studies, Phantina Sholi participated in more than 400 hours of volunteer activities in Palestine, partaking in various initiatives within and outside of university. Among others, these included raising awareness on breast cancer and climate change as well as community agriculture. Phantina Sholi has also been involved in many volunteer activities closely related to her current studies at the FHP, such as informing children about environmental issues and the health consequences of smoking, as well as participating in open days and summer camps. As a volunteer worker at Global Shapers (Nablus, Palestine), Phantina Sholi contributed to the launch of the "Pencil Not Cigarette" campaign against the sale of cigarettes to children under eighteen. The campaign was very successful. Phantina Sholi also designed and developed teaching methods specifically geared to the needs of children, to convey important information around the most burning social issues in a fun and accessible way. For example, Phantina Sholi volunteered at summer clubs, schools and kindergartens where she worked with puppets to discuss complex issues with children. She also taught children to make puppets from (and thus reuse) materials found at home.

DAAD Prize

The DAAD Prize, which is funded by the Federal Foreign Office, is awarded annually in recognition of international students who have notably distinguished themselves through their academic achievement, as well as social and intercultural engagement. The award is intended to increase the visibility of the large number of international students at German universities and thus highlight their stories.


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