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Press release

From autumn 2024: Further training in action-centred coaching

Further education

In cooperation between the Department of Social and Educational Sciences and the Centre for Continuing Education (ZEW) at Potsdam University of Applied Sciences, a new part-time coaching course will start in November 2024. Action-centred coaching, based on a humanistic world view and methods from psychodrama, offers an integrative approach.

Action-centred coaching is action-oriented, relationship-focused and sensitive to private and professional roles. Many exemplary questions for coaching processes are dealt with in the individual modules. To this end, approaches from systemic counselling, psychodynamic conflict theory, transactional analysis and theme-centred interaction are integrated.

"We want to explore the problem in action - in a creative and playful way," explains Professor Dr Karsten Krauskopf, initiator of the course and Professor of Psychology of Social Work. In eleven practical modules, typical everyday coaching issues are addressed, incorporating approaches from systemic counselling, psychodynamic conflict theory, transactional analysis and theme-centred interaction.

The course runs from 1 November 2024 to 21 February 2026 and takes place on selected Fridays and Saturdays. Krauskopf and his experienced team of psychotherapists and coaches will guide participants through the course. 
"There is little sitting and talking here. In action-centred coaching, participants gain new insights through scenic representation, " adds Krauskopf.

At the heart of action-centred coaching is a humanistic approach based on the psychodramatic theory of J. L. Moreno. The emotional level is taken as the starting point for a coaching approach that promotes a change of perspective and empathy. The training focusses on the following key areas:


  • Action-orientation: participants learn to support clients in actively exploring and finding solutions to their issues
  • Examination of relationship and role patterns: this involves recognising and reflecting on patterns of action
  • Humanistic approach: emphasising the individual needs and potential of each client, with a focus on helping them to help themselves

The in-service training is aimed at those interested in the fields of coaching, therapy and supervision as well as specialists and managers in social and educational institutions, human resources and organisations. A practical connection during the course is a prerequisite, as work is carried out on specific case studies.

Registration for the course is now open via the ZEW course page. There, interested parties can find further detailed information on the programme and content.

Further information can be found at: