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Training Workshop Anti-Perfectionism

Collage einer erhobenen Faust mit blumigen Elementen, pinkem Hintergrund und der Aufschrift Anti-Perfektionismustraining

Nobody is perfect! Breaking through the pressure of expectation and self-demand for more than 100 % performance with anti-perfectionism.

High pressure to perform at university, at work or in your private life can be harmful and often make you ill. This is linked to certain behaviours such as too few or ineffective breaks, poor sleep, irregular eating and so on.

Society's expectations are to blame, but also our own. Perfectionism is one of the biggest subliminal stressors, which can be the cause of procrastination or burnout, among other things. In order to improve these behaviours, we should be patient and appreciative with ourselves, recognise successes and allow for mistakes.

"If we all have one thing in common, it's that we're not perfect."

The anti-perfection training with psychologist and mindfulness trainer Lydia Hänel is designed to help participants:

  • break down perfection traps and underlying beliefs
  • gain clarity about the essentials and their own priorities
  • develop the courage to say no and make mistakes
  • treat yourself more leniently and consciously

This programme is not a substitute for medical, psychotherapeutic or psychiatric treatment.
The workshop is a free offer from the EXIST Women programme and is aimed exclusively at women or anyone who defines themselves as female. The training will be offered again in the winter semester and will then be open to everyone. The workshop takes place in person in the Entrepreneurship & Management Lab on campus.

Target audience: University members Public

02/05/2024, 2.00 pm – 4.30 pm

Registration via e-mail stating the name, (degree programme and semester) to:

Location: House 1
Room: 3.07


ZEGM – Start-up and Management Qualification Unit

Room 3.01
Anke Lüers-Salzmann
Project coordination ESF and EXIST, initial consultation