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Arrive, get in, get along

Auf einer leuchtend gelben Fläche stehen zwei geschwungene schwarze Pfeile Pfeile.
Key visual Inklusiver Campus © Design Studio Leitsystem

We want to improve orientation on our campus. What is missing, what do you need?
The signposting system at our university is to be updated and we are asking for everyone's needs. In the week from 13th to 17th of May, we will be collecting your needs and wishes for better orientation on campus and online. Please help us!

We will be collecting your feedback from 13th to 17th of May!

On the campus

  • Main building/Foyer
  • Library
  • Casino
  • Canteen
  • in all buildings


Throughout the semester

  • in the guidance system project room, House D/Room 105
    every Thursday from 12.00 to 1.00 pm