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Gründungsmonitor: Study of the Propensity to Start a Business at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

Research project by Ulrike Köpke and Enrico Sass on the propensity of FHP members to start a business.

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Research project

The social science research project "Gründungsmonitor" provides information about the propensity of FHP members (students, employees) to start a business and investigates which factors influence an interest in starting a business and what distinguishes start-ups on campus. For the monitoring, both persons with an interest in founding or existing founders are used, as well as FHP members who do not pursue any intention of founding.

In the form of anonymous surveys with different focal points, the aim is to show which conditions are necessary to promote a start-up-friendly climate at the UAS and to establish it sustainably in the university structure.

The first survey from November 2021 to January 2022 provides a general overview of the start-up potential at the UAS and the decisive influencing factors such as gender, academic degree or department affiliation and will be supplemented at regular intervals with results on specific questions. For example, currently on the positive and negative experiences of self-employment.
In the summer semester of 2022, another survey was conducted on motivations and obstacles to self-employment. The publication of the results is planned for the fourth quarter of 2023. Further surveys during the project period are already planned and will be supplemented, for example on motives for setting up a business.


ZEGM – Start-up and Management Qualification Unit

Room 3.01
Prof. Dr. Enrico Sass
Professor for Business Start-ups and Management Techniques
Head of Start-up Service