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Stone | Sculpture "Rangelnde Panther" by Dietrich Rohde

The reinforced and multi-framed concrete sculpture by the sculptor Dietrich Rohde comes from Brandenburg an der Havel. The figure shows numerous damages, the cause of which lies in the numerous materials, the production technology, the installation, among other things.

Reinigung der Plastik im Heißdampfstrahl-Verfahren
© Tjalda Eschebach
Teaching project
Student project
Design ∙ Build ∙ Preserve

Loan: City Museum Brandenburg an der Havel
Dating: 1972


The reinforced concrete sculpture with multiple frames by the sculptor Dietrich Rohde comes from Brandenburg an der Havel. The figure shows numerous damages, the causes of which are, among other things, the numerous materials, the manufacturing technology, the installation in the green outdoor space and anthropogenic influences.

The students' task is to expand the scanty sources on the object, its history and the sculptor. Furthermore, the materials used (inventory) and the status quo of the sculpture (condition) will be recorded. After completing the research work (anamnesis), the causes of the damage phenomena and a monument conservation assessment of the object are formulated (diagnosis). All the information gathered is summarised in a heritage conservation objective, on the basis of which the concept of measures is drawn up and finally implemented (therapy). Furthermore, in this particular case, the future presentation of the sculpture must be discussed.


  • Planning and implementation of careful dismantling and transport as well as securing the stand in the workshops of the study programme.
  • Research work on the history of the production and the object as well as on the available materials.
  • Inventory and condition assessment including damage - cause - model.
  • Development and later implementation of a restoration and conservation concept.
  • Discussion of the future installation and presentation.

Project participants

Project support

Prof. Dr. Jeannine Meinhardt

Prof. Dr. Jeannine Meinhardt

Professor for Conservation and Restoration – Stone

Project support


  • Almuth Escher, tutor in the 2nd M. A. semester
  • Thomas Gdanitz, tutor in the 2nd M. A. semester
  • Maria Friedrich, tutor in the 5th M. A. semester - 7th semester
  • Janine Ehlers, 5th semester tutor - 7th semester