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Redesign for "Die Eisfrau GmbH"

Design of an individual rebranding for the manufactory "Die Eisfrau GmbH" in the communication design course at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

Redesign (ein Konzept) für die „Die Eisfrau GmbH “ in Potsdam
Studentischer Wettbewerb im Fachbereich Design unter der Leitung von Prof. Matthias Beyrow © Birte Rauch
Transfer project
Cooperation project
Teaching project
Design ∙ Build ∙ Preserve
Cooperation partners:
  • The Eisfrau GmbH

In the winter semester of 2021/2022, as part of the course "Vom Zeichen zur Marke", the fundamentals of the conception of visual trademarks and the design of family-like graphic systems were developed for the final project – a redesign for "Die Eisfrau GmbH" in Potsdam. Under the direction of Prof. Matthias Beyrow, various designs were created to represent a holistic corporate identity and reflect the values and identity of the manufactory.

David Lamb, Valentina Lenk, Jaqueline Grob, Alexander Demczak, Ricardo Engles, Laura Höpke, Lucas Textor and Birte Rauch submitted their designs.

In the seminar, the focus was not only on learning conceptual design, but also on accepting specifications and criticism from the client. In addition, the students had the opportunity to practise presentations in front of potential clients. Due to the real commission situation and the high probability of actual implementation, a situation arose that gave the students an insight into their future working world. The seminar thus functioned as a real laboratory and enriched the studies in many ways.

The following criteria were used as the basis for the evaluation:

  • overall concept (originality)

  • transferability to products such as ice cream sundaes, shop windows etc.

  • appropriateness in relation to the "Eisfrau",

  • typicity and signal strength

  • quality of execution

The winning design Visuelle Identität: Eisfrau Manufaktur by Birte Rauch has been implemented since March 2023. The financing of the project and the transfer of the rights of use were carried out by Eisfrau GmbH.