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I Feel What You Don't See

A photographic and theoretical examination of the personality trait of high sensitivity

viele kleine Fotografie-Karten stehen aufgereiht auf Regalbrettern
„Ich fühle was, was du nicht siehst“ von Julia Bohle, Abschlussarbeit © Birte Rauch
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A photographic project that deals with the personality trait of high sensitivity. It reflects the positive as well as negative sides that this trait brings with it and points to the intense perception of stimuli and emotions. The photographs are accompanied by text excerpts from interviews with people who describe themselves as particularly emotional and sensitive. The project provides an insight into the lives of highly sensitive people and conveys perceptions, feelings and emotions in an artistic way.

Bachelor thesis by Julia Bohle

Supervision: Prof. Wiebke Loeper & Prof. Alexandra Martini

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Project management