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Free Search: Feminism

Literary exhibition and digital exhibition catalogue of the Equality Office on feminist media

Broschüren zum Projekt "Freie Suche: Feminismus"
Student project

With the literary and interactive exhibition "Freie Suche: Feminismus", the Equal Opportunities Office points out the diversity of feminist literature in the library of University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. The contents of the exhibition and additional digital offerings can be found in the exhibition catalogue, which was published in cooperation with Semikolon.

Motivated by their own experiences in researching feminist topics and the very personal desire to better understand connections, also between the individual currents, the exhibition organisers Claudia Stoleru and Rebecca Vaßen searched for books that tell stories about women*, introduce feminist theories, dissolve movements and analyse current debates. In cooperation with the library, they presented the results of their research, which took them right through the library's collection – even to places where they would not have expected feminist references. The exhibition made the connections and intersections visible and presented selected works of feminist literature, which came from the entire library, in a central place that invited people to browse, read and exchange.

"Freie Suche: Feminismus" was originally supposed to be on display in the library from 09/03/2020. to 20/04/2020. However, the exhibition had to be closed after only a few days due to the Corona pandemic. In response to the closure, the exhibition organisers, in collaboration with Semikolon, have responded with a digital exhibition catalogue.

The exhibition catalogue

With the extension of the exhibition by the exhibition catalogue, "Freie Suche: Feminismus" was expanded and thematically supplemented by digital offerings such as podcasts, columns and videos. The catalogue contains a collection and categorisation of feminist media – some of which are annotated – as well as a discussion of the main topics of sexism/sexualised violence and intersectionality, and portraits of authors. In addition to recommendations on feminist literature, the exhibition catalogue is also an invitation to browse and discover.

Claudia Stoleru studies cultural work at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Rebecca Vaßen European media studies at the University of Potsdam. Both work in the equal opportunities office at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

With the exhibition, the equal opportunities office of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam participated in the 30th Brandenburg Women's Week under the motto "Back to the Future". The Brandenburg Women's Week is a unique format in Germany with hundreds of events around International Women's Day.