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formHOLZ – Experiments with Veneer Wood

Exhibition project on the subject of material experiments with veneer wood and transformation into a functional object.

Courage aus Formholz
© Bernd Hiepe
Cooperation project
Teaching project
Design ∙ Build ∙ Preserve
Organisational Unit:
Cooperation partners:

Artis Engineering GmbH

Wolf Deiss & Holger Meyer
‍Paradiesstr. 210,
12526 Berlin, Germany

Students from the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam presented concept studies on the topic of shaped wood at the Brandenburg Design Days 2014 and the DMY Design Festival Berlin 2014. From the repertoire of pre-experiments, the most innovative ideas have been incorporated into functional objects.

On display are prototypes that take a completely new look at the subject of shaped wood and explore production possibilities. The themes explore the potential of the classic technology in different ways: a men's shoe made of veneer mesh, a sewn veneer wood stool, a small cupboard with a clever veneer hinge, a stacking box made in lightweight construction, a bicycle saddle and a study on recumbent bikes, a stool that rethinks upholstery, a modular coat rack, and a woven fruit bowl.

For the sound-absorbing, modular acoustic panel, the company Artis Engineering GmbH made the prototypes and provided the students with their know-how.


Project manager


Lena Ammann, Irene Anglada, Ivo Erichsen, Sebastian Fengler, Eric Grams, Tobias Jänicke, Anastasiya Koshcheeva, Marcus Maybauer, Sarah Mohs, Aniko Stübner, Janis Specks, Johanna von Scheven, Oya Yanik, Max Wosczyna, Bernadette Wüchner