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Boob Talk

A modular and underwired bra design for large breasts

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Master-Arbeit von Hannah Fischer: BOOB TALK – Eine experimentelle Auseinandersetzung mit textilen Stützkonstruktionen am Beispiel des BHs
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Although the bra is subject to a long tradition and research and a universal bra size system exists, the bra does not suit all breast sizes and shapes: studies show that about 70 - 100 % of women wear a badly or incorrectly fitting bra, which can lead to health problems in the long run. Due to a lack of alternatives, women with large cups in particular have to choose between support, comfort and aesthetics when it comes to a bra.

The aim of the master thesis is to conceive a user-centred, underwired bra design for large sizes that combines the aspects of comfort, aesthetics and support in one product and allows for individual size adjustability. The focus of the thesis is to design a material based on knitting technology and 3D printing on textile, which has integrated stability and functional zones and which is suitable in its functionality to replace the conventional metal underwire in a bra for large sizes.

Master's thesis by Hannah Friederike Fischer

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