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Mediation and Conflict Management

Understanding development – Using resources – Shaping the future
Gruppe von Menschen sitzt zusammen und Hände gestikulieren

The further education programme "Mediation and Conflict Management" was developed by Prof. Dr. Mickley and successfully conducted for many years at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam under her academic leadership. Since 2019, the further education programmehas been continued in cooperation between Konflikthaus e.V. and the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

15/02 − 23/11/2024
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Certificate Course
University certificate

7 ECTS Credit points


University degree or vocational training, professional experience

Participation fee:

3,300 euros

Educational leave:

Brandenburg, Berlin

At a glance

The training is aimed at third parties or those involved in family, school, business, (civil) society and politics. It comprises a total of 126 hours and is designed to be multi-methodological. The concept of the training course fulfils the new implementation regulations for the Mediation Act, ZMediatAusbV. After completing the course and two practical assignments, graduates are authorised to use the title "Certified Mediator". The prerequisite for participation in this further training programme is a completed degree or vocational training and relevant professional experience.

Funding: The training programme is generally eligible for funding. Please enquire with the funding organisation (e.g. ILB) about its funding conditions before registering.


  • Prof. Dr. Angela Mickley, former University of APplied Sciences Potsdam
  • Kerstin Lück, Konflikthaus e.V.
  • Angelika Ciesielski, practice expert mediation
  • Sebastian Zukunft , practice expert mediation


Prof. Dr Mickley / Kerstin Lück

Prof. Dr Mickley / Kerstin Lück

Kerstin Lück / Angelika Ciesielski

Prof. Dr Mickley / Kerstin Lück

Prof. Dr Mickley / Kerstin Lück

Sebastian Zukunft / Prof. Dr Mickley

In the 7th module, participants choose:

  • Mediation in working life and in the economy
  • Mediation in schools, day-care centres and youth welfare services
  • Mediation in the family
  • Mediation in intercultural and international conflicts

Prof. Dr. Mickley / Kerstin Lück / N. N.

Prof. Dr Mickley / Kerstin Lück

Dates & Schedule

Seminar times
Thu, 3.00 - 8:00 pm
Fri – Sat, 9.30 am - 5.00 pm

126 hours

  Course 34
Module 1 15 - 17/02/2024
Module 2 22 - 23/03/2024
Module 3 03 - 04/05/2024
Module 4 31/05 - 01/06/2024
Module 5 28 - 29/06/2024
Module 6 06 - 07/09/2024
Module 7 04 - 05/10/2024
Module 8 21 - 23/11/2024


Registration & Information

Scientific management

Prof. Dr. Angela Mickley

Prof. Dr. Angela Mickley

Professorin für Friedenspädagogik / Konfliktbearbeitung / Mediation / Ökologie (im Ruhestand)

Course management

Kerstin Lück