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Typography on the Web – A Manual for Sensitive Handling of Typeface in the Browser

Bachelor thesis by Chris Magiera

Das Handbuch "Typografie im Web" und die Dokumentation, die Erläuterungen zur Gestaltung des Handbuchs enthält. Beide Hefte sind im Rahmen der Bachelorarbeit "Typografie im Web – Ein Handbuch für den sensiblen Umgang mit Schrift im Browser" entstanden.
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Typography and the web – these were two areas that did not really go together for a long time. This was mainly due to the fact that the typographic scope of action was severely limited compared to the possibilities in print due to technical restrictions on the part of the web.

The latest developments in recent years – especially the introduction of web fonts and the associated further and new developments in the areas of HTML and CSS – have contributed to the fact that typography has also arrived on the web as a design tool. At the same time, however, this expanded scope for action demands a more differentiated use, i.e. reading and detailed typographic subtleties are now also gaining in importance on the web due to the new possibilities.

The handbook "Typografie im Web" therefore focuses on the sensitive use of type in the browser, both from a typographic point of view and on a technical level, and serves as a kind of interface between typography, web design and web development. It is primarily aimed at web designers and developers who want to train their eye for type and typography with regard to presentation on the screen and who want to get to know a differentiated application on the web under the aspects of aesthetics, readability and semantics.

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Chris Magiera