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Exhibition for the Lottenhof Potsdam

großformatiges schwarz-weiß Foto angebracht an einem großen Schornstein umgeben von Bäumen
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The Lottenhof in Potsdam is a place of participation and change, it is undergoing acute change and is experiencing tangible appropriation by citizens. It symbolises the rare commodity of open space in the city. In cooperation with the Lottenhof, students explored this specific location in Potsdam shortly before its redevelopment and the potential of documentary photography.

The students asked themselves how the transformation of a place with reference to its past and future can be visualised. After a semester of work, the photography course #LOTTENHOFEXTENDED, led by Prof. Wiebke Loeper, invited students to the opening of an exhibition at the Lottenhof on the 8th of July 2022. There, 12 photographic perspectives on the place of transformation were shown.

The collaboration between the Lottenhof and the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam was organised by the coordinator for networking and public relations of the Potsdam West district network.

With works by Isabelle Marten and Felix Amor, Annika Ehrst, Ronja Heeland, Rina Klassen, Michaela Maier, Jessica Matz, Reto Riha, Sebastian Rist, Louka Stanesby, Fiona Warmdt, Valentin Wolff


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