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School needs Orientation

Design solutions for communication in educational institutions

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© Yves Thimian
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The composition of school communities has changed significantly in recent decades. The cognitive, physical, cultural and linguistic diversity of society has become part of the everyday life of every school. These changes require structures that fulfil both the school's mission and the needs of the people involved.

The work therefore examines the extent to which design solutions can help to enable more opportunities for identification and participation in school life. The focus here is on school communication and includes the importance of visual identity and orientation.

The resulting book combines the theoretical and practical parts of the master's thesis. It contains a detailed analysis of the environment and the reference groups, deals with factors for the conception of an effective exchange of information and provides insights into the potential cooperation between schools and designers. It is intended to advise decision-makers in the school context and give them an understanding of how important and helpful design can be in their environment. It can also sensitise designers to working in educational institutions and serve as a basis of information on the topic.

Yves Thimian's Master's thesis was recognised as the best Master's thesis in 2023 in the department of Design.

Period of origin: summer semester 2023