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Rundum - The Smallest Graphic Element

A textual examination of the many facets of a graphic element – the dot.

Front- und Backcover eines Buches
„Rundum – das kleinste grafische Element“ von Kathrin Wedler, Abschlussarbeit © Kathrin Wedler
Organisational Unit:

In the theoretical part of the work, a small book was created in which the many facets of the dot were precisely examined and at the same time the poetic side of the dot was not disregarded. For when the dot is viewed from a graphic perspective, one cannot expect the criteria of scientific precision or definition. Since the use of the dot in visually communicating areas is already fundamentally different from the use of the dot in science, the attempt to describe it should also take other paths. This scope should be used in the text of the book to leave room in the attempt to concretise the properties of the graphic dot.

In the practical part of the work, an additional "making-of book" was created. Additions on post-its were included, giving a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the book and the book design. The contents are information on the basics of classic book design, which are inserted and explained at the appropriate places in the book.

The work received an award as the best bachelor thesis 2022 in communication design.

Bachelor thesis by Kathrin Wedler

Supervision: Prof. Sven Völker & Dipl. Graphic Designer Felix Walser

Project support

Project management

Prof. Sven Völker

Prof. Sven Völker

Professor of Experiment and Strategy

Project management

Felix Walser

Dipl.-Des. Felix Walser

Academic assistant for digital typography