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PRÄVENT - Preventive Climate Management in Historic Buildings

The research project is dedicated to the protection of valuable cultural assets by optimising environmental and climatic conditions.

Entwurf des Projektes mit Bildern und Flussdiagramm
© Prof. Rüdiger Lorenz
Research project
Cooperation project
Organisational Unit:
Cooperation partners:
  • Funding BMBF/ FH3 - FKZ 1754B05
  • Cooperation with HS-Fulda

Project Objective:

The protection and preservation of valuable cultural assets require conservation efforts. In addition to the classic measures of restoration, preventive measures help to limit or, ideally, stop undesirable ageing or damage. This research project focuses on optimising the environmental and climatic conditions. The project relates to museums, libraries or other buildings of historical construction that house art and cultural assets.

Although it is known that ageing or damage processes are caused by unfavourable absolute values or alternating loads of the environmental parameters, in many cases it is precisely buildings of historical construction – i.e. those whose building-physical, technical and building-climatic quality is of a low standard – that house the cultural assets to be protected in the long term.
If the inherent limits of the building's use in terms of indoor climate conditions are then exceeded, both the building fabric and the cultural assets will be damaged. In conjunction with the further boundary conditions resulting from the monetary aspects of operating and maintenance expenses, there is a high level of interest in a strategy for the cost-effective preservation of building fabric and cultural assets.

  • HS-Fulda (Prof. Dr.-Ing Cuno):
    Development of the technical components of a modular guidance and assistance system for museums and historical libraries.
  • University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (Prof. Lorenz)
    Part-A: Systematisation of the planning process
    Part-B: Research into material-specific climate requirements
    Part-C: Further development of technical procedures for diagnosis

Project Manager

Prof. Rüdiger Lorenz
Professor of Building Physics and Building Climatology
Head of Building Physics laboratory