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Peter Behrens in Berlin and Brandenburg - Research-Based Teaching

Behind the working title "Peter Behrens in Berlin and Brandenburg" is an ongoing elective course led by Prof. Dr Silvia Malcovati and Prof. Bernd Bess, in cooperation with Prof. em. Hartmut Frank of HafenCity University Hamburg and with the architectural photographer Maximilian Meisse.

Collage von Bauten Peter Behrens
Start date:
Teaching project
Design ∙ Build ∙ Preserve
Cooperation partners:
  • Prof. em. Hartmut Frank - Hafencity Hamburg (HCU)
  • Dipl.-Ing. Maximilian Meisse - Architectural Photographer

The craftmanship of research, the evaluation of the found material, the documentation, the inventory and the presentation of what has been researched, learned through the example of Behrensbauten, provides the students with a tool that enables them to take a position in the discussion about our stock and to substantiate it in a well-founded way. A debate that is becoming increasingly important given the need to rethink all processes of building.

The aim of the course is to develop methods for seeing, representing, understanding and learning, and to use the methods of representation to convey one's own attitudes to the projects in question. Students learn to choose a focus through critical analysis and to reveal more about the buildings in the different disciplines than we can learn from purely technical drawings.

The research on Peter Behrens' work that Prof. Dr. Silvia Malcovati and Prof. em. Hartmut Frank have already done in the past forms the basis and is the starting point for a focused look at the buildings in the Berlin and Brandenburg region. For years, models were made by students in Hamburg, which have now moved to Potsdam. This collection is to be supplemented and processed by the emerging results of the current course through plans, renderings, photographs and further models.

Through the accompanying exhibition of the projects with the different methods of architectural representation, we hope to bring the appreciation for the diverse work of Peter Behrens out of the memory into the present in order to use it for the future.


Project management

Prof. Dr. Silvia Malcovati

Prof. Dr. Silvia Malcovati

Professor of Design and Urban Planning

Project management

Prof. Bernd Bess

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Bess

Professor for Fundamentals of Design
Head of the Architecture and Urban DesignProgramme


  • Prof. em. Hartmut Frank (lecturer for architectural theory)
  • Roberto Zitelli M. A., Dipl.-Ing.Michael Fenske, Dipl.-Ing. Jan Niklas Schmeing (lecturers for drawings and visualisations)
  • Dipl.-Ing. Jens Weßel (lecturer for model construction)
  • Dipl.-Ing. Maximilian Meisse (lecturer for architectural photography)
  • Emilia Machleid M. A., Ivonne Frey M. A., Phoebe Vogler M. A. (scientific coordination)