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The Iranian Internet

Master's thesis by Maral Pourkazemi

Mehrere Personen stehen in einem abgedunkelten Raum un betrachten eine Ausstellungswand zum Thema "The Iranian Internet"
© Stephanie Neumann
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My master thesis is about the Iranian Internet. After months of research I designed this Infographic which contains six content panels. It starts with general informations about the Internet usage (1), goes on with the idea of a "Halal" or "national" Internet (2), shows two ways of how the Iranian user escapes the "Halal" Internet (3), a little part of the Iranian Blogosphere showing what kind of blogs get filtered (4), going on with the sophisticated cyber repression (5) which is initiated by the paradox system of government (6).

Project participants

Project management

Boris Müller

Prof. Boris Müller

Professor für Interaction Design

Project management

Prof. Dr. Frank Heidmann

Prof. Dr. Frank Heidmann

Research Professor for Design of Software Interfaces
Programme Director for Design (M. A.)


Maral Pourkazemi