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Intensified Density – Small-Scale Redensification Using Modular Construction Methods

The Intensified Density project investigates whether densification of the suburbs / intermediate cities offers a sustainable solution compared to single-family housing developments and new large-scale projects.

Beispiel-Folie aus Vortrag: grober Modul-Entwurf und Planung der Gebäudesysteme
Symposium Intensified Density, 12.10.2017, Presentation R. Lorenz, FHP © Prof. Rüdiger Lorenz
Research project
Organisational Unit:
Cooperation partners:
  • Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft mbH, FFG application 6385100,
  • Research group under consortium leadership TU Graz, Faculty of Architecture/ Institute for Fundamentals of Construction and Design, Prof. Petersson, project partners
  • TU Graz, Institute for Structural Design, Prof. Peters

Project Objective:

As part of the research programme "Stadt der Zukunft", the Intensified Density project aims to investigate whether a small-scale densification strategy for the suburbs / intermediate cities by means of a modular construction method, using existing infrastructure on remaining land, can be a competitive alternative to both the proliferating single-family housing estates and large-scale projects that promise ecologically sustainable architecture and urban planning with the use of technological measures.

While prefabricated and standardised construction methods are usually planned independently of their subsequent surroundings, Intensified Density aims to explore how such structures dock with existing technical and social infrastructures – and activate and develop their potential. This holistic approach is to be understood as part of a rethinking process, whereby conventional ideas and attributions of architects and urban planners are expanded by new roles and thus become part of a change that allows the current problems of society in a city to be illuminated, explored and sustainably changed.


Project manager University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

Prof. Rüdiger Lorenz

Prof. Dipl.-Phys. Rüdiger Lorenz

Professor of Building Physics and Building Climatology
Head of Building Physics laboratory