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Game with Limits – My Climate Budget

The Game with Limits – My Climate Budget was developed by Prof. Holger Jahn and Tobias Jänecke as part of the materialnet research project and on the occasion of the 2021 Environmental Festival Potsdam. Since then, the Game with Limits has been used at various events. So far, more than 600 citizens have been reached and sensitised to the topics of climate, CO₂e, residual climate budget and self-efficacy (as of September 2022). The data basis of the game is updated and adapted annually.

Aufsteller mit dem "Spiel mit Grenzen – Mein Klima-Budget" vor dem FHP Mobil beim Potsdamer Umweltfest 2021
Transfer project
Organisational Unit:
Innovation Fund of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

The title "Spiel mit Grenzen – Mein Klima-Budget" makes it clear that the educational and activation format focuses on the pressing issue of the climate crisis. At the stations housing, electricity, mobility, food, consumption and public infrastructure, citizens can use coloured building blocks to determine their personal greenhouse gas emissions (CO₂e) per year based on their personal lifestyle and make them tangible. At the finish line, participants will find out how they fared in relation to the German average, where the biggest levers are to reduce their own future emissions, and whether current emissions are compatible with the United Nations' 1.5°C target. Become part of the solution: Join in! Fight future & climate fear, become self-effective!


Project Manager

Prof. Holger Jahn

Prof. Holger Jahn

Professor of Mobility and Design
Head of Model Making Workshops

Academic staff member

Profilfoto Tobias Jänecke

Tobias Jänecke, M. A.

Academic Staff Member of the Research Group Climate-Friendly Reconstruction (InNoWest)