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Exhibition Childhood in the Children's Home

The exhibition is a cooperation project between the "Großes Waisenhaus zu Potsdam" Foundation, the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, the Filmmuseum Potsdam and experts in welfare research.

Zwei übereinander gelegte Kinderhände präsentieren ein Modellhaus
© AdobeStock/Mariia Nazarova
Cooperation project

Beginning with the beginnings of state welfare in the German Empire, the exhibition "Geschichte der Kindheit im Heim" spans the reformist attempts at home education in the 1920s, the situation of welfare education in the Nazi era and home education in West and East Germany. The exhibition will be shown on the four floors of the baroque staircase in the Großes Waisenhaus in Potsdam. It will be supplemented by a series of public lectures and films that will take up the themes from the exhibition and present them in greater depth.

Further information on the exhibition and the accompanying programme can be found in the flyer Kindheit im Heim.

Ausstellung: Kindheit im Heim


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