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Communicative Appropriation of Digital Sports

An explorative analysis of chat communication in eSports using the example of the Paris Major Blast 2023

Schematische Grafik eines Monitors, umgeben von Sprechblasen
Research project

In collaboration with the University of Agder in Norway and Manchester Metropolitan University in England, we are conducting a trinational research project focused on communicative patterns in esports. Specifically, we analyze the complete chat logs from the " Paris Major 2023" Counter-Strike tournament.

Our research primarily examines viewer interactions with each other and their attempts to engage players, teams, casters, organizers, and developers. We aim to understand the dynamics surrounding how pivotal game moments are identified, discussed, and evaluated. Additionally, we are studying expressions of personal revelation, identity formation, competence demonstration, and expertise among the spectators. This extends to understanding the written manifestations of star admiration and their underlying foundations.

Ultimately, our goal is to understand the empathetic feedback loops between the participants during digitally-enhanced live events. This insight will help pinpoint communicative opportunities and requirements for meaning-making. By doing so, we hope to develop new mediation formats for the domain and amplify the societal appreciation of esports, along with its cultural and communicative practices.


Project management

Prof. Dr. Judith Ackermann

Prof. Dr. Judith Ackermann

Research Professor for Digital Media and Performance in Social Work

Other project participants

Tobias Scholz (
Tom Brock (
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Lara Zimmermann (