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Cheek To cheek

Eine Person blättert sitzend in einem Fotobuch
„Wange an Wange“ von Marcia Friese © Birte Rauch
Student project
Organisational Unit:

An art book about parting and mourning, an attempt to approach the new state. The state without a mother. The photographs show the dust in the photographer's mother's flat in the months after her death. The dust photographs are supplemented with diary entries. It is said that we learn how to deal with feelings through role models. So we also learn our ways of grieving from role models. The work shows a photographic approach to grief without answers, raw and close, because there are no answers, the book is meant to open up conversations instead.

Master's thesis by Marcia Friese

Supervision: Prof. Wiebke Loeper & Anna Voswinckel

Project support