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Autonomous Waste Disposal Logistics – First Mile Waste Management

Autonome Entsorgungslogistik – First Mile Waste Management
Bachelorprojekt von Janis Specks zum Thema Autonome Entsorgungslogistik. Projektpartner war die Berliner Stadtreinigung © Janis Specks
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Berlin Waste Management

In order to save urban agglomerations from the threat of traffic and waste gridlock, new solutions are needed in the field of tomorrow's waste disposal logistics. The concept study describes the logistical collection and removal of household residues. A fleet of driverless robotic vehicles automates the first mile in waste collection by transporting the collection containers from their locations to the collection vehicles. In this way, noise and environmental emissions are reduced, and urban traffic is relieved.

Bachelor project by Janis Specks
Supervision: Prof. Holger Jahn, Frieder Söling (Berliner Stadtreinigung)