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International Summer School "Annotation Symbols*" with Visiting Academic Prof. Elamine Maecha

Visiting academic Prof. Elamine Maecha reports on his stay in Potsdam and his findings from the one-week International Summer School, initiated by Prof. Christina Poth from the Department of Design.

International summer school
ÉSAL, Department of Communication
Design Department

Video interview with Prof. Elamine Maecha

In the interview, Prof. Elamine Maecha talks about himself and his professional career. He describes the process and impressions of arriving in Potsdam. What differences from his home institution did he notice? How did he feel about the teaching and cooperation at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam? What were the students' learning effects and reactions to the international insights offered by the International Summer School? The International Summer School was funded by the third-party project "FL2@Int'lFlex - Research-based Teaching and Learning in an International Context Project" to support the internationalisation of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam through cooperation with international partners.

  • It was very nice to see how differently the students think. [...] Despite a common language and design issue, the projects went in different directions. We have a very different process of work. That's the reason we go abroad, to learn other people's process.

    Prof. Elamine Maecha
    Visiting scientist from France
  • Bild von der Kursteilnehmerin Sarah Lampaert
    © Hanne Dahlmann

    It was very nice to start with a tour of the city, the surroundings, and the green spaces to get inspired by what you see in the streets. [...] Working with students from another school in another language was really cool!

    Sarah Lampaert
    Participant in the Summer School
  • Bild von Kursteilnehmerin Valentine Poulet
    © Hanne Dahlmann

    Working with the German students was a great experience! Since I don't speak English very well it was really good to mix German and French to speak English together [...].

    Valentine Poulet
    Participant in the Summer School
  • We have two groups from two countries, two languages and [...] are discovering a whole topic, which is annotation. [...] I think it was a good learning and experience to see how other students from other schools work on the project.

    Prof. Christina Poth
    Professor at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences

Impressions from the International Summer School