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Archive Workshop

Blick in die Archivwerkstatt am Fachbereich Informationswissenschaften
© Andrea Lakeit

In the archive workshop of the Information Sciences Department, students learn how to properly handle and preserve analogue archival materials. Among other things, they receive sound knowledge about the different types of archival materials and their possible damage.


In the archive workshop of the Information Sciences Department, exercises with analogue archival materials are carried out as part of the teaching. The focus is on getting to know different types of archival records such as deeds, official books, files, maps and plans or photos as well as their preservation. A sound knowledge of the variety of forms and types of design of historical written materials is conveyed and causes of damage are considered. Measures to prevent damage are demonstrated and practised.

The course also deals with the evaluation and indexing of archival materials. After the theoretical basics have been taught, practical exercises will also be carried out.


In the archive workshop room, course-relevant topics and exercises are the focus of the work:

  • Assessment
  • Labelling
  • Preservation


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