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Virtual Exhibition "Bitte Abstand halten!"

"Bitte Abstand halten! – Fotografien aus dem studentischen Alltag während der Coronapandemie"

Foto eines Aushangs mit der Aufschrift "Auch nach 5 Bier leicht zu merken: Abstand waschen. Hände tragen. Maske halten." des Forschungsprojekts "Bitte Abstand halten"
Teaching project
Digital Transformation – Urban Futures
Organisational Unit:

Between March and November 2020, five students from the final year of the archives degree programme at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam collected photographic impressions of their everyday lives during the corona pandemic in order to record them for the time afterwards. They then curated these photos into an exhibition with several chapters ranging from the AHA rules issued to innovative changes in social and professional life.

Corona completely changed the personal and professional environment. The students successfully searched for special photo motifs of their "new normal" in Potsdam, Berlin or elsewhere. Their photos show the negative, the positive as well as the bizarre of the exceptional situation. Campus life as it was before the pandemic was out of the question, but online teaching has made a quantum leap. Video conferencing is now part of the agenda and administration functions largely paperless. Wearing a mask has become commonplace and the pint in the pub has long been a place of longing.

The second and third waves of the corona pandemic were documented by first-semester students in a workshop project. Their photos also reflect the changed situation of everyday life. The result is a Corona photo archive that has long-term historical value.

Project management

Prof. Dr. Susanne Freund
Professor of Archival Science
Project Manager Graduate Distance Learning Archive
Project Manager of the Degree Programme Archival Science (MA)
Project Manager of the Further Education Programme "Archive im Informationszeitalter"