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'How To Empower – Promoting the Resilience of Adolescent Girls at School

What challenges play a role in the everyday life of girls, what resources have we been able to observe and what possibilities for action can be derived from this for professionals in the institution of school?

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Student project

Social work offers many fields of action in which young people are supported to remain or become capable of acting in their everyday lives. Social structures and individual life circumstances that have a disadvantaging effect on people pose special challenges to adolescents.

The basis of this research project is to look at these challenges in a resource-oriented rather than deficit-oriented way. The motivation of our student project "'How To Empower' – Zur Resilienzförderung jugendlicher Mädchen* in der Schule" was to find out about the thinking and actions, deficits and resources of girls* and, in the course of this, to get to know the fields of work in which they regularly move, with their structures and assignments, in order to examine them for support offers.

The aim of the project was to develop recommendations for action for professionals that support girls in their self-efficacy and ability to act.


Project support

Prof. Dr. Marlene-Anne Dettmann

Prof. Dr. Marlene-Anne Dettmann

Professurstellvertreterin für soziologische, sozialpsychologische und sozialarbeitswissenschaftliche Grundlagen Sozialer Arbeit


  • Kimberly Bährens
  • Jennifer Föhse
  • Felix Hanenberg
  • Gina Stips