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Historical Building Research and Renovation Recommendations for the Former Post Office in Potsdam's Sanssouci Park

This master's thesis deals with the historical building research of the listed building complex at Lennéstraße 7a in Potsdam. The building complex is located on the grounds of Villa Liegnitz and fits into the ensemble of the Sanssouci Park.

Ansicht Nord der ehemaligen Poststelle im Park Sanssouci
© Maria Henze

From 1879, the year it was built, part of the building complex served as a stable and associated stable yard for the princesses and princes of Prussia. The neighbouring house, the former garage building with residential units, was built in 1911. For the preservation and conversion of the building complex, a building survey with corresponding plans and a room book was created. Using analysed archive documents (plans, documents, etc.), the building age plans were drawn up and the various conversion phases of the building complex were documented up to its current state.

With regard to previously used building pollutants, a pollutant survey and analysis of the pollutants found in the buildings was carried out in accordance with the VDI/GVSS 6202 pollutant register. This was followed by an as-built analysis with a damage survey of the current condition of the buildings. In addition, an overview of the basic construction types of the roof trusses, their load-bearing methods and connections was provided.

Based on the damage patterns found, plans were also drawn up and component-related investigations carried out. Based on the as-built analysis, the refurbishment and repair approach for the pollutants and damage found on and in the buildings was developed.

In addition, a concept was developed for the future utilisation of the building complex in Sanssouci Park. Finally, a rough cost estimate was drawn up in accordance with DIN 276 for the remediation of pollutants and wood with the associated material disposal.

Project participants

1st reviewer

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Röder

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Röder

Professor for Building Conservation
Study Advisor Ing-Bau – Structural Conservation and New Construction in Engineering and Building Construction (M. Sc.)
Head of Construction Laboratory Structural Engineering (BKI)

2nd reviewer

M. Eng. Daniel Ulrich,
Competenza GmbH, Berlin

Master's graduate

Maria Henze