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Inauguration of the Coworking Space at the University Library

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The coworking space in the university library will be inaugurated on the 29th of September, just in time for the start of term. A place to work, relax and exchange ideas.

A coworking space will be inaugurated in the university library on Thursday, the 29th of September at 3.30 pm, just in time for the start of the semester.

With the redesign of the former computer pool, a place has been created for students in the library that enables new forms of work in a relaxed, communicative atmosphere.

For some time now, the library has been considering how the premises could be changed to better meet the learning and working needs of students. It so happened that the library's ideas met those of the AStA. Together, library staff and StudVP Elena Langner developed a concept with a furnishing plan and equipment list for a coworking space. It was important to everyone involved that the space was also designed to be sustainable. This meant that existing, little-used furniture from the university library was used. Furthermore, five comfortable beanbags financed by the student health management, new IT technology and consumables purchased by the library as well as a projector and a media board are available to students for collaborative work in the coworking space. There are sure to be requests for additions or changes as a result of use. The library team will be happy to receive these.

With its inauguration on the day of the "Long Night of Writing", the coworking space can be used immediately as a place for individual and small group work as well as for relaxing and for communication and exchange. From the 30th of September, the space will be open to all students during the opening hours of the university library.



You can find the current opening hours on the library's website.