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Workshop of the Stone Course of Study

Steinsäge in Benutzung
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The workshop of the stone course of study is used in teaching and research in the bachelor's and master's degree programmes in conservation and restoration.



  • Stone examination: LW/Room 242
  • Stone conservation/restoration: LW/room 243
  • Stone/wall storage: LW/room 208

Opening hours

  • by arrangement


Gesamtaufnahme des Grabmals Haeberlin

Stone | Terracotta Vases from Haeberlin Tomb

Task: Inventory and condition assessment and development of a conservation concept for two terracotta vases of a tomb of the former royal court architect H. Haeberlin at Bornstedt Cemetery. The vases were probably made in the 2nd half of the 19th century and come from the March pottery factory.

Schriftplatte und Teil des abschließenden Rahmens, die zu bearbeiten sind

Stone | Pfeiffer Tombstone

Inventory and condition survey on two elements of the tombstone as well as the creation of a damage catalogue with resulting damage cause model and concept development.

Bild der Bestandskartierung in der Vorderansicht

Stone | Garden Sculpture Nepomuk

Inventory and condition survey and development of a conservation concept

Reinigung der Plastik im Heißdampfstrahl-Verfahren

Stone | Sculpture "Rangelnde Panther" by Dietrich Rohde

The reinforced and multi-framed concrete sculpture by the sculptor Dietrich Rohde comes from Brandenburg an der Havel. The figure shows numerous damages, the cause of which lies in the numerous materials, the production technology, the installation, among other things.



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