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Projects of the Conservation and Restoration Programme


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Symbolbild Usbekistan Architektur

Interdisciplinary at the Monument

Transfer, innovative methods and research-based learning in practical projects for the preservation of the cultural heritage of Uzbekistan

Keyvisual des Forschungsprojekts "Umweltbedingte Degradation"

Natural Sciences | Environmental Degradation of Synthetic Conservation and Restoration Materials

Acquisition – model conservation and restoration on selected examples – digital knowledge transfer

Blick aus dem Fenster des Hauses

Mural | The Terraced End House in Treibjagdweg 14 in the Onkel Tom housing estate

Inventory and examination for historical colourfulness

Bild der Lacktafelwand im Labor- und Werkstattgebäude der FH Potsdam

Wood | Investigation of the Ageing of Binders in Wood Preservation

As part of the Art Technology and Working Techniques module, students have been working with selected recipes of coating materials from the 19th century, interpreting them and implementing them as accurately as possible.

Nahaufnahme Stuck

Natural Sciences | Thermal Analysis of Historical and Modern Building Materials

Modern thermoanalytical methods are used to analyse and research both historical and modern building materials, plastics and building material recycling. In addition, the measuring system is suitable for the targeted development of new modern materials.

Gesamtansicht des Gebäudes der eDas Gebäude der ehemaligen "Neue Wäscherei"

Mural Painting | Ravensbrück Memorial Site, Former "Neue Wäscherei"

In addition to a general inventory of all the rooms in the elongated building of the "former ehem. Neuen Wäscherei", a colour survey was carried out within the large dining room as part of the study project.

Fotografie des Wandbildes, daseinen Ringerwurf zeigt

Mural Painting | The Mural Removals of the Wrestlers from the Olympic Village/Berlin, Elstal

After the handover of two strapped wall paintings of wrestlers from the "Haus der Nationen" in the Olympic Village, these murals depicting wrestling athletes in typical wrestling poses were to be transferred to a new support and restored.

Grabmal von Clara Gusseck mit einer Aufschrift aus kupfernen Lettern. Die Aufschrift umfasst ihren Namen, Geburts- und Sterbedatum und den Zusatz "unvergessen". Clara Gusseck lebte von 1875 bis 1941.

Mural Painting | denkmal aktiv – Cultural Heritage Goes to School

A cooperation project between the Montessori secondary school in Potsdam and the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

Strohmarketeriebild der Stadt Schillingsfürst

Wood | The Panorama of the Town of Schillingsfürst in Straw Marquetry

The straw marketer's picture shows a view of the town of Schillingsfürst on the Franconian Heights in the 19th century. The special technique involves assembling coloured pieces of straw into a scenic representation.

Reinigung der Plastik im Heißdampfstrahl-Verfahren

Stone | Sculpture "Rangelnde Panther" by Dietrich Rohde

The reinforced and multi-framed concrete sculpture by the sculptor Dietrich Rohde comes from Brandenburg an der Havel. The figure shows numerous damages, the cause of which lies in the numerous materials, the production technology, the installation, among other things.

Vorzustand der Biedermeier Kommode

Wood | Restoration of a Piece of Biedermeier Furniture from a Private Collection

The object to be restored is a chest of drawers whose exact origin is unknown. It was probably produced in northern Germany. Stylistically, the furniture can be assigned to the Biedermeier period.

Ansicht des Reliefs von Christus in der Kelter des Steinernen Albums in Großjena.

Stone | Stone Record in Großjena

Care and conservation of anthropogenically damaged and already restored natural stone objects against the special background of their integration into surrounding moisture and salt transport processes using the example of the Steinernen Album in Großjena

Schäden am Stuckfries im Elfenbeinzimmer im Orangerie-Schloß Park Sanssouci in Potsdam

Wall Painting | The Stucco Frieze in the Ivory Room in the Orangery Palace of Sanssouci Park

Inventory and condition survey of a sample axis of the frieze applications, investigation of the technique, damage and causes as well as reconstruction attempts of stucco mass and form in historical technique.

Studentsiche Projektarbeit im Festsaal der Villa MendelssohnBartholdy

Mural Painting | The Ballroom in the South Wing of the Villa Mendelssohn Bartholdy

Inventory and examination for historical colourfulness

Schriftplatte und Teil des abschließenden Rahmens, die zu bearbeiten sind

Stone | Pfeiffer Tombstone

Inventory and condition survey on two elements of the tombstone as well as the creation of a damage catalogue with resulting damage cause model and concept development.

Gesamtaufnahme des Grabmals Haeberlin

Stone | Terracotta Vases from Haeberlin Tomb

Task: Inventory and condition assessment and development of a conservation concept for two terracotta vases of a tomb of the former royal court architect H. Haeberlin at Bornstedt Cemetery. The vases were probably made in the 2nd half of the 19th century and come from the March pottery factory.

Bild der Bestandskartierung in der Vorderansicht

Stone | Garden Sculpture Nepomuk

Inventory and condition survey and development of a conservation concept

Person begutachtet Akten im Archivraum vom Centrum Judaicum

Interflex Project on the Topic "Zerstörte Vielfalt: Bücher – Bauten – Biografien"

A joint project of the departments of Social and Educational Sciences, Information Sciences and CITY | BUILDING | CULTURE, Conservation and Restoration programme

Innenansicht des Mausoleum Harteneck auf dem Stahnsdorfer Friedhof

Mural | The Caspary and Harteneck Mausoleums in the Stahnsdorf Southwest Churchyard

Inventory and condition survey of the superstructure and burial chamber of both mausoleums, plaster analysis, research on the (noble) plaster technique in the superstructure of the Harteneck mausoleum, development of a conservation concept for possible replacement of missing parts



Bild von Helm und Schild für das  Fest der Weißen Rose

Metal | Helmet and Shield for the White Rose Festival

The helmet and shield from the holdings of the Foundation Palaces and Gardens Berlin-Brandenburg were restored for an exhibition. The items were part of the elaborate costumes worn by the guests at the festival "Der Zauber der weißen Rose", given in 1829 in honour of Alexandra Feodorowna's 31st birthday.

Abbildung eines Räuchergefäßes neben einer Farbkarte

Metal | Ornamental Objects from the Roman Baths Sanssouci

The artefacts are four of eight decorative objects from the Roman Baths in Sanssouci Park, which originally stood on console tables in the caldarium.

Biedermeier-Tisch mit Stützkonstruktion im Vorzustand

Wood | Round Biedermeier Table from the Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin

The table with a round tabletop was probably made during the Biedermeier period and, in addition to classical features of the era, also shows Gothic influences.