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Digital Teaching - Services for Media Didactics and E-Learning

Studierende sitzen vor einem Laptop und arbeiten zusammen

Do you need media-didactic support in designing and implementing your online classroom? Would you like to expand your digital skills in the classroom through further training and self-learning courses? You would like to be informed about current developments in digital teaching and strategic further developments of digital teaching at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam? The Team Digital Teaching is the first point of contact for all lecturers at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam who would like to inform themselves about, further educate and develop themselves in the field of digital teaching.


Our Services

First Steps in Digital Teaching

Here you can find out what the first organisational steps are, for example, to set up an online course room or an online conference or to create a video lecture.

First Steps

Desire for further training

Here you can find out which further education and self-learning courses we are currently offering. You will also find numerous other opportunities for further training.

Further and advanced training


An der Fachhochschule Potsdam wird Moodle als webbasierte Lernplattform eingesetzt. Es gibt drei verschiedene Moodle-Instanzen: Moodle Lehre für den Unterricht in den Fachbereichen, Moodle Prüfungen für Online-Prüfungen und Moodle Transfer für Weiterbildungen und digitale Angebote, die eine externe Zielgruppe haben.


Teaching Moodle Course

We inform you about current developments in digital teaching and offers at the University of Applied Sciences via the Teaching Moodle course. There you will receive regular newsletters on digital teaching. If you are new to teaching at the UAS, send us an email and we will register you.


Help for teachers

Here you can find out how and where you can get media-didactic support from us.

Help for teachers

HelpDesk Wiki on Digital Tools

In our public HelpDesk Wiki you will find many handouts and tutorials on tools in digital teaching.

HelpDesk Wiki


Sie möchten als Lehrende Online-Prüfungen durchführen? Hier finden Sie alle Informationen zu unseren Services und Supports.



More events
Digital Teaching Workshop
29/07/2024, 10.00 am – 11.30 am
Zielgruppe: Lecturers
Location: Online
Digital Teaching Workshop
27/08/2024, 2.00 pm – 2.30 pm
Zielgruppe: Lecturers, Employees
Location: Online

About the Team of Digital Teaching

In order to promote digital teaching and to support lecturers in the conception and implementation of digital teaching offers, the Digital Teaching Unit (ZEDI) was established at University of Applied Sciences Potsdam in December 2020 as a service-oriented operating unit for teaching activities. In addition, ZEDI advises the responsible units and decision-making bodies of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam on issues related to the strategic development of digital teaching.


  • Further education and counselling of professors and academic staff with a regular teaching load at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam in the area of media didactics as well as the creation of sustainable central self-learning offers. ZEDI offers are also available to external lecturers.
  • Help desk for lecturers in the departments who realise their e-learning support centrally via ZEDI.
  • Steering of the media-didactic further development of the university-wide E-Learning Management System on the basis of the needs of the departments
  • Exchange with the teaching staff of the departments and support in the further development of digital teaching through advice, concepts and media-didactic support
  • Conception and implementation of development projects in digital teaching with an overarching orientation and relevance to media didactics
  • Networking with state-wide and supra-regional actors for the exchange of information and division of labour.
No. 409
409 - Satzung für die Zentrale Einrichtung Digitale Lehre (ZEDI) - Zentrale Betriebseinheit der Fachhochschule Potsdam (PDF, 100.3 KB)
Mit Inkrafttreten der Satzung für die Zentrale Einrichtung für Studium und Lehre, ABK Nr. 462 vom 02.08.2023 wird diese Satzung außer Kraft gesetzt.
Contact: Digital teaching

Projects of ZEDI

Dimensionen im Projekt Exam Online-Prüfungen - Organisation, Didaktik, Technik, Recht

Moodle Exam

In einem Pilotprojekt von 2022 bis Ende 2025 werden Online-Prüfungen an der Fachhochschule Potsdam didaktisch, rechtlich, technisch und organisatorisch implementiert.

Dafür wurde eine separate Online-Prüfungsinstanz namens Exam entwickelt.

Projekt Moodle Exam

Die fünf Module von KI;learn: Grundlagen, Statik und Dynamik, Holzbau, Massivbau, Stahlbau, als verschiedenfarbige Würfel dargestellt
Die fünf Module von KI;learn: Grundlagen, Statik und Dynamik, Holzbau, Massivbau, Stahlbau © J. Lee, C. Warkentin

Neue Medien im Konstruktiven Ingenieurbau

Multimediale, webbasierte und interaktive Zugänge für studienrelevante Inhalte im Konstruktiven Ingenieurbau. 

KI;learn, (Selbst-)lernkurse für den konstrukiven Ingenieurbau

Neue Medien im Konstruktiven Ingenieurbau

Katzenartiges Wesen vor einer Holzwerkstatt

Digital occupational safety

The project "Occupational Safety and Health Digital" made an important contribution to the further training of staff and teachers in digital teaching. Web-based trainings on the topic of occupational safety and health in the wood workshop were created as part of the project. The trainings and accompanying materials are made available free of charge as OER materials for subsequent use. Target groups include applied universities, technical-oriented schools, vocationally-oriented further education providers and craft enterprises.

About the Occupational Safety and Health Digital project

Katzen-Emojis aus dem Projekt "Feedback Box" der Zentralen Einrichtung Digitale Lehre der FH Potsdam und der BTU Cottbus-Senftenberf

Feedback Box

Feedback on courses: fast and anonymous.

An open-source plug-in for Moodle - developed during the digital semester and co-developed by students in cooperation with the Team Digital Teaching Unit at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg.

About the Feedback Box project


Julia Lee
Studies and Teaching Unit
Head of the student e-learning team
Antje Kuhle
Head of Quality Management for Studies and Teaching