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Room Management at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

Room management deals with occupancy planning for studies, teaching and external events. In addition to centralised room management, it also coordinates decentralised room planning.

Use rooms

Events checklist

The following data is required for room/event coordination:

  1. Title/Topic:
  2. Organiser, subject/area:
  3. Responsible person/applicant:
  4. Day/s of the week, Date/period:
  5. Time of event:
  6. Time for preparation/follow-up: - + (if necessary)
  7. Room/rooms/room size/number of persons:
  8. bes. Requirements: (if necessary, e.g. media/technology)

Copied into an e-mail, they serve as a basis for enquiries.

Make a request

For certain types of internal events and for external use, more detailed information than that given in the checklist may be required. The application form serves as a support; supplements/adjustments may be made.

If you are a member of a university of applied sciences, please contact your respective decentralised room planner for room enquiries. Otherwise, the contact persons of the central room planning department are at your disposal.

The general conditions for the use of rooms/spaces apply. A sample agreement is available for external use, which is adapted to the respective needs.

The data you provide will be processed on the basis of the Brandenburg data protection act and the DSGVO. If you do not consent to the processing of the data or revoke your consent, your request cannot be considered.

Room access

If buildings/rooms are not freely accessible and you do not have a campus card of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam that is activated for the respective room, access is granted through the issuing of keys/transponders by the information/reception desk in the main building.
Construction work can also impair access/use.


If and to what extent existing technology can be used, please coordinate with the responsible persons in advance.

Course weeks

  • Summer semester 2023: 03/04/2023 - 21/07/2023 and 25 - 29/09/2023
  • Winter semester 2023/24: 02/10/2023 - 26/01/2024 and 18 - 22/03/2024
  • Summer semester 2024: 02/04/2024 - 19/07/2024 and 23 - 27/09/2024
  • Winter semester 2024/25: 30/09/2024 - 31/01/2025 and 24 - 28/03/2025
  • Summer semester 2025: 31/03/2025 - 18/07/2025 and 22 - 26/09/2025
  • Winter semester 2025/26: 01/10/2025 - 30/01/2026 and 23 - 27/03/2026,
  • Summer semester 2026: 07/04/2026 - 24/07/2026 and 21 - 25/09/2026
  • Winter semester 2026/27: 05/10/2026 - 05/02/2027 and 22 - 26/03/2027
  • Summer semester 2027: 05/04/2027 - 23/07/2027 and 23 - 01/10/2027

Subject to change



As a rule, costs are only incurred for external use and are based on standard market prices. They are calculated according to the size of the respective room, the period of use and existing or possibly required equipment. The conditions are reviewed/revised annually.

The following amounts can be used as a guideline in advance of concrete calculations for the costs of using certain rooms of the FHP:


Half day
(up to 4 hours)

Full day
(up to 8 hours)

Seminar room up to 50 m² 350.00 Euro 420.00 Euro
Seminar room > 50 to 80 m² 390.00 Euro 510.00 Euro
Seminar room > 80 m² 430.00 Euro 590.00 Euro
small lecture hall HG/067 510.00 Euro 740.00 Euro
large lecture hall HG/108 850.00 Euro 1,430.00 Euro
Lecture hall D/011 710.00 Euro 1,150.00 Euro

Lecture theatres have fixed, ascending seating. The lecture theatre in House D/Room 011 has some seating on stepped surfaces.

There is no general entitlement to use or to certain rooms, equipment or (further) services.
Status of costs: 05/03/2024, subject to change. The prices quoted do not include the statutory value added tax.


In addition to the supplies provided by the Studentenwerk Potsdam can teen, drinks and snack vending machines are available in the laboratory and workshop building near room 150.

In addition, the Coffee Nerds team provides refreshments in the cafeteria in the main building. They are also available for catering from small meetings to large events. Please contact them directly at

Decentralised room planning

If you are a member of a department, please contact the person responsible in your respective department. You can find the course catalogue here on the web.

If you do not have a responsible person in your department, please contact the central room planning.


Social and Educational Sciences Department

Dipl.-Betriebsw. Gundula Häusler

Dipl.-Betriebsw. Gundula Häusler

Social Work Coordination (B. A.), BASA Presence
Curriculum planning



Civil Engineering Department

Karin Wuttig

Karin Wuttig

Member of the Dean's Office

Design Department

Fachbereich Design

Central room planning

Please send requests for central spatial planning to:

Central space coordinator

Reimar Kobi

Reimar Kobi, B. A.

Head of event management
Occupational Health and Safety Officer

Representation central spatial planning

Lukas Heck

Lukas Heck, M. A.

Bereichsleiter Hochschularchiv u. Stellvertretung im Veranstaltungsmanagement

Event coordinator

Ulrike Weichelt

Ulrike Weichelt

Coordinator Event Management and Deutschlandstipendium

Coordination of cross-departmental events at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and external events