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Kinderbetreuung im Familienzimmer der FH Potsdam

The management of day care centres today increasingly requires sound management skills in addition to solid and up-to-date pedagogical competences. The in-service training "Kita Management" therefore covers a wide range of topics from the fields of management, organisation, law and imparts leadership skills. The participants' own role as a manager is examined as well as how to lead a team and deal with conflicts. At the same time, it is about a contemporary concept of education, about topics such as diversity and inclusion. Current findings from developmental psychology and the integration of the family as a partner in educational work are further focal points.

Free places
Registration end:
Certificate Course
University certificate

Completed vocational training as an educator or university degree, professional experience in the daycare sector

Participation fee:

3,790 euros

Educational leave:

Recognised in Brandenburg and Berlin

From a professional and human point of view, this was one of the best training courses I have attended in recent years.

Feedback from the training
September 2021

At a glance

Aims of the training

The participants qualify for a management position in a day care centre or a related institution, they deepen and broaden their knowledge and competences in the field of leadership and management.


Teaching of theoretical basics, lectures, group work, role plays, presentations, practical exercises on case studies of the participants. The seminars take place as face-to-face events, supplemented by digital formats. The participants are supported by a learning platform.

Target group

The further training is aimed at day care centre managers and educators who aspire to a management position. The prerequisite for participation in this further training is a completed degree or vocational training and relevant professional experience.


Lecturers from the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and proven experts in the field.


A participation fee of 3,790 euros (VAT-exempt) is payable for the further education programme "Kita Management 2024 – 2026". Graduates of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam receive a 5 % reduction.

In principle, the further education is eligible for funding by the state of Brandenburg. We also recommend that interested parties from other federal states find out about the education premium programme before attending. It is also recognised as educational leave in Berlin and Brandenburg. We recommend that interested parties from other federal states seek advice from the relevant Ministry of Education before applying for educational leave.


For binding registration, please send us the signed registration form for the further training Kita Management (2022-2024). After verification, places will be allocated according to the date of receipt.


  • Module 1: 21/11/2024 – 23/11/2024
  • Module 2: 16/01/2025 – 18/01/2025

  • Module 3: 14/02/2025 – 15/02/2025

  • Module 4: 13/03/2025 – 15/03/2025

  • Module 5: 08/05/2025 – 10/05/2025

  • Module 6: 27/06/2025 – 28/06/2025

  • Module 7: 26/09/2025 – 27/09/2025 | 17/10/2025 – 18/10/2025 | 07/11/2025 – 08/11/2025 | 05/12/2025 – 06/12/2025

  • Module 8: January 2026

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