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Recruitment and development of professorial staff at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

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Organisational Unit:
  • University Planning & Development

The aim of the project "P³Dual – Gewinnung und Entwicklung von Professoralem Personal an der FH Potsdam Dual" is to develop attractive career paths for young researchers and practitioners towards a professorship at a university of applied sciences. In the interplay of theory and practice, young academics are inspired to pursue a career at a university of applied sciences, supported by long-term cooperation with practice partners. This is intended to close the gap in the search for suitable professorial staff.

The central element of P³Dual is the triad of practice, teaching and research in a dual model for promoting young academics. Teaching takes place at the university, while parallel research experience is gained in practical issues, for example together with companies or social institutions. Existing partnerships are developed into permanent cooperations. The promotion of young researchers starts at various qualification levels: via dual models for a cooperative doctorate or a post-doctoral position, or also via corresponding models at the professorship level. At the doctoral or post-doctoral qualification levels, interested students should work half-time at the university in research and teaching and half-time at the practice partner. In this way, they can gain practical experience on the one hand and further develop themselves in research and teaching on the other, in order to be qualified for a career as a professor at a university of applied sciences in the long term. With a strong interlocking of practical work with tasks in teaching and research, there is a benefit for all involved.

Furthermore, the project will develop a strategic concept for academic personnel development, further develop the university's appointment strategy and set up a networking and information platform. Sustainable models, structures and processes as well as qualification offers are anchored at the FHP.


Dr. rer. pol. Sylvia Schmid
Consultant for Academic Human Resources Development and Project Coordinator P³Dual