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Photo Studio & Photo Labs

Einblick in die studentische Arbeit im Fotostudio
© Bernd Hiepe

In the photo studio, photos can be taken with the camera technology and by using the studio flash unit. In the photo labs, negatives can be developed and gradation adjustments from negative to positive can be made using colour mixing heads.


The use of the laboratories and the photo studio is only possible after successful participation in the respective introductory courses.


Within the framework of teaching, the following events take place at the beginning of the semester:

  • Theory SW Lab: 4 days (Mon),
    9.30 - 11.30 am each
  • Practical SW lab: 2 days (Mon, Tue),
    each 9.00 am - 4.00 pm
  • Practice colour lab: by arrangement
  • Practice photo studio: by arrangement

Opening hours

after consultation


by arrangement

Photography in the photo studio

  • Use of the studio flash unit
  • Handling the flash metering
  • Use of the camera equipment
  • Handling the repro equipment

B/W photo lab

  • Negative development
  • Gradation adjustment from negative to positive using colour mixing heads
  • Positive development and further processing of the image material

Colour photo lab

  • Enlarging technique
  • Colour control from negative to positive
  • Development of the positive with the machine



Camera technology

  • 35 mm, medium format and large format cameras
  • Lenses of various focal lengths
  • Tripods
  • Exposure meters

Photo studio

  • Studio flash system "Broncolor" (3 generators à 650 Ws, lamps with continuous light and flash, softbox, spotlight, reflector umbrellas, spot)
  • Studio tripod
  • Shooting table
  • Background holder for cardboard box 2.75 m wide
  • Cove approx. 7 x 7 m
  • Reprography equipment with daylight illumination

B/W Lab

  • Film developing cans
  • 2 drying cabinets
  • 8 enlargers 35 mm to 6 x 9 cm negative
  • 1 enlarger 35 mm to 9 x 12 cm negative
  • Lenses of various focal lengths
  • Chemical basin system with trays
  • 1 developing machine "Ilford 2150 RC" (max. feed width 50 cm)

Colour Lab

  • 1 enlarger 35 mm to 6 x 9 cm negative
  • 4 enlargers 35 mm to 9 x 12 cm negative ("Pictochrom plus")
  • 1 two-room developing machine "COLENIA" with continuous regeneration of chemicals, max. feed width 50 cm
  • Chemical basin system

Daylight room

  • Workstations with cutting machine
  • Light box
  • Light box
  • Dryer for PE papers
  • Dryer for baryte papers
  • Hot-assembly press


Kathrin Katzek
Leiterin Fotostudio/-labore, analoge Fotolabore SW und Farbe, digitales Drucklabor/Fotodruck