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Library Sciences

Bücherregale in der Bibliothek

From 2006 to 2020, the information sciences department offered further education courses for mid-level employees of all library types with the project "Distance Education in Library Sciences". The distance learning was offered alongside the department's direct degree programmes.

New dates on request
Distance Learning Degree Programme
University certificate

Completion of the distance learning programme in library sciences

Since autumn 2021, we have received numerous enquiries about the continuation of an in-service qualification programme in the field of library sciences. At this year's closed meeting of the information sciences department in april, it was decided by vote to no longer offer a successor model for the fee-based distance education in library sciences at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

Instead, the permeability of the undergraduate bachelor's programme in library science is to be improved and a part-time model curriculum for 50 % of a regular programme is to be developed, which is to make it possible to study the bachelor's programme while working.

In doing so, the department is aware that such an offer is less easy to integrate into a busy professional life and, as an attendance offer, appeals primarily to a regional target group that requires additional support and time off from their respective employers. Compared to the imponderables of a fee-financed offer, which experience shows is financed by the participants, release from work is a calculable development measure for the institutions' own staff and allows the target group to participate in the fee-free study.

For specific further training needs, the department has to consider participation in individual modules from the degree programme as micro-credentials. However, this first requires the amendment of the Brandenburg Higher Education Act, which is expected to take place in 2024.

Since 2006, the project distance learning programme in library sciences has produced over 400 graduates. We wish them all the best for their future careers and thank them for their many years of trust.

Interested parties from the Berlin/Brandenburg region are welcome to contact the information sciences department regarding participation in the part-time programme.

Main content & information for interested parties

The further education course does not correspond to the total scope of a complete undergraduate degree. However, after successfully completing the course, students can be placed in a higher semester of the direct degree programme and can take the examination for the bachelor of arts degree in library sciences in a short time.

Through an individual combination of compulsory and elective modules, flexibility of the course is possible.

  • Introduction to the information society
  • Media Basics
  • Web technologies and information systems
  • Basics of indexing
  • Information resources and services I and II
  • Library technology
  • Library information systems
  • Subject english
  • Metadata and library content indexing
  • Metadata in-depth
  • Management and law
  • Research methods
  • Project management
  • Scientific work and statistics
  • Content management systems
  • Digital publication and media forms
  • Teaching information literacy
  • Information behaviour and sociology of science
  • Collection management

  • Preservation of historical written materials
  • Semantic technologies
  • Subject retrieval
  • Information visualisation
  • Public relations and fundraising
  • Digital long-term archiving and research data management.

Dear interested parties!

We are extremely sorry that no new distance learning course in library sciences will start in november 2022. Unfortunately, the required number of participants has not been reached.

We find this situation very regrettable, especially since the part-time distance learning course in library science has been offered regularly at the information sciences department since 2006. However, since the evaluation of continuing education projects at universities as economic projects, the framework conditions for precisely these have changed significantly.

We are taking this situation as an opportunity to reconsider the long-standing offer and, if necessary, to reorient it. The advantages of a practice-based course of study must be combined with the question of financing.

However, we do not want to leave anyone interested in the subject of library science and the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam without a perspective until then and therefore point out that if you meet the university admission requirements (§ 9 of the Brandenburg university act (BbgHG)), you always have the option of direct enrolment in the bachelor's degree programme in library sciences.

If you would like to take advantage of this option, please contact the head of the department of student affairs, Elias Pflaumbaum ( The programme is basically a full-time, face-to-face course. However, we will be happy to check with you whether part-time study is also possible upon your request in accordance with § 18 section 4 S. 3 BbgHG or the provisions of our framework regulations for study.

We thank you for your understanding and support!


Project Management

Prof. Dr. Ellen Euler

Prof. Dr. jur. Ellen Euler, LL.M.

Professor of Library Science – Open Access/Open Data

Project Coordination

Heike Stadler

Diplom-Bibliothekarin (FH) Heike Stadler

Open Access Officer, Networking and Competence Centre Open Access Brandenburg