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    Gruppe vor der Moschee Bibi-Chanun in Samarkand
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    Successful conclusion of the Summer School in Bukhara with final presentations

    After almost two weeks in Uzbekistan with documentation work in the Medrese Kukeldash in Bukhara, the Summer School 2022 ended successfully with presentations of the interdisciplinary working groups.

    Studierende vor der Kukeldash Medrese in Buchara
    CITY | BUILDING| CULTURE Civil Engineering International Office
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    Successful start of the German-Uzbek Summer School 2022 in Bukhara

    From 12 - 23.09.2022 a German-Uzbek Summer School in the project "Interdisciplinary at the Monument - Transfer, innovative methods and research-based learning in practical projects for the preservation of the cultural heritage of Uzbekistan" will take place at the Kukeldash Mederese in Bukhara.

    Mit schwarz gezeichnete Formen auf weißem Hintergrund
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    Press release

    Students from the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt develop the exhibition "Von Sinnen. Multisensorische Erkundungen der Stadt".

    Over the course of a semester, students of arts management and cultural work and communication and industrial design developed formats for a multisensory exhibition. The results will be presented in the project room 207 m² of the Berlinische Galerie from July 22.

    Studierende in Teamarbeit an einer Tafel
    Social and Educational Sciences
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