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Laboratories & Workshops

    Eindruck vom 3D Lab mit Ausstattung

    3D Lab (Model Making)

    The 3D Lab provides students with modern technical possibilities for building models in architecture and urban planning. Models, model parts and jigs for model building can be produced directly from digital data.

    Studierende der Konservierung bei der Mikroskopie

    Analytical Laboratory

    The analytical laboratory enables material and damage analyses using various methods. The focus is on the objects worked on in the Conservation and Restoration degree programme, including building materials. Interdisciplinary use and commissioned work are possible by arrangement.

    PC-Arbeitsplätze im Computerlabor

    Computer Labs of the CITY | BUILDING | CULTURE Department

    In the computer labs of the CITY | BUILDING | CULTURE department, a total of 34 iMAC workstations with the latest software are available to students.

    Abformung als Vorbereitung für den Zweitguss per Hand

    Design Studio Spaces

    The rooms of the design studio are the haven of a liberation of the mind and the trial-oriented learning of techniques and materials. They are primarily intended for creative and practice-oriented seminars and are run jointly by the restoration and architecture departments.

    Modellbauwerkstatt der FH Potsdam

    Model Making Workshop

    The model making workshop is universally equipped and can thus meet a wide range of requirements. The workshop is assigned to the department CITY | BUILDING | CULTURE, but can also be used interdisciplinarily and is thus also open to design students, for example.

    Innenansicht Plotterraum

    Student Reprocentre – Plotter Room

    Since 2002, the student reprocentre has been managed by students with the support of the Department of CITY | BUILDING | CULTURE. We want to offer all members of the university the opportunity to plot and bind brochures here on campus at low cost as part of their teaching.

    Steinsäge in Benutzung

    Workshop of the Stone Course of Study

    The workshop of the stone course of study is used in teaching and research in the bachelor's and master's degree programmes in conservation and restoration.

    verschiedene Objekte, wie Nägel, zur Restaurierung auf weißer Unterlage

    Workshop of the Study Specialisation Metal

    This workshop is used intensively in the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in Conservation and Restoration. The focus is on a special group of chemical elements: Metals.

    Studentin übt Malereitechniken an Außermauer auf dem Campus der FH Potsdam

    Workshop of the Study Specialisation Mural Painting

    In the mural painting workshop at the FH Potsdam, students can carry out detailed analyses of various objects. Based on their findings, the students develop concepts for the final realisation of their project and final theses.

    Einblick in die Holzwerkstatt: Industiresäge mit Abzug; im Hintergrund Holzreste und Schränke

    Workshop of the Study Specialisation Wood

    In the workshops specialising in the conservation and restoration of wood, high-quality objects in this material group are researched and historical techniques are tested. In addition to the appropriate hand tools and machines, the workshop has various options for determining the type of wood and documentation.