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InNoWest is on Site at Local Events with the FHP Mobile

Eine Mitarbeiterin eines Sozialverbandes schreibt die Worte "Trau Dich!" an die Scheibe des FHP Mobils
© Gilbert Wigankow

Elections will be held in the municipalities of the state of Brandenburg on the 9th of June. The working group of non-statutory welfare organisations in Potsdam and Potsdam-Mittelmark will be holding a series of local events under the motto "Together for social justice" to seek dialogue with citizens and local politicians running for office.

The aim is to enter into dialogue with each other and to inform and discuss the associations' election demands on the topic. Together with the FHP Mobil, colleagues from the InNoWest network of FHP, HNEE and THB will take part in the events in Bad Belzig (14th of May) and Teltow (28th of May).

The InNoWest team will then work with the FHP Mobile on further discussion and participation formats at events organised by the Demokratieforum Prignitz in Wittenberge (23rd of May) and the Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband Brandenburg in Eberswalde (1st of June). Here, local topics will form the framework for exchange and discussion, such as: How can we make the city fairer and more sustainable together? How can we organise pariticipation in line with needs?

The events are part of a whole series of local dialogue events organised by the Brandenburg welfare associations and local democracy networks and initiatives before the local elections and again in autumn before the state elections in Brandenburg.

Target audience: Public

14/05/2024, 3.00 pm – 5.30 pm

Bad Belzig

Brücker Landstraße 1 A
14806 Bad Belzig

23/05/2024, 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm


Democracy seeks the word –Tthis is the theme of the Prignitz Democracy Forum's invitation to the people of Wittenberge. 
We would like to talk together about future prospects in Wittenberge and Prignitz.

Bahnstraße 1
19322 Wittenberge



The exact address and time will be announced.

01/06/2024, 11.00 am – 5.00 pm


Pfeilstraße 11
16225 Eberswalde