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Further Reading – Perspectives on designing texts

Schwarze Schrift auf grauem Hintergrund: Further Reading 24.5.24

Libraries have been providing knowledge for centuries. In times of digital reading, they face the challenge of making printed material accessible in digital form. The symposium Further Reading 2024 takes a look at proven and innovative strategies for digitising knowledge as well as the user behaviour of readers. How is the digital revolution changing the cultural technique of reading? What expectations do we have of access to information? What future do public libraries have?

Further Reading is organised by the Department of Design at Potsdam University of Applied Sciences. This annual symposium explores the future of reading and designing texts.


Archival Consciousness
The project Archival Consciousness was initiated by artist Mariana Lanari and graphic designer Remco van Bladel to collaborate with libraries and archives in cultural institutions. They work in close collaboration with archivists to implement methods and infrastructure to make their collections more accessible. 

Speaker: Mariana Lanari, Remco van Bladel

Further Reading at Future Libraries

Quiet contemplation, the smell of leather, wood and papers, relaxed readers, engrossed in books, smart women enforcing the Rule of Silence … All too often, the common image of the library is a place of dreams of the past. Juliana Pranke and Judith Galka will give insights in the roles, function and dreams of the public library in present and future times.

Speaker: Judith Galka, Juliana Pranke

Round Table

Mariana Lanari | Artist, founder of the Archival Consciousness project
Remco van Bladel | Designer, founder of the Archival Consciousness project
Judith Galka | Manager, librarian and executive - organisational development and participative formats for knowledge exchange
Juliana Pranke | Head of the Public Services Department of the Berlin Central and Regional Library (ZLB)
Karen Falke | Head of the University Library of the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences
Dr. Ulrike Wuttke | Professor of Library Science - Strategies, Service Development, Science Communication



Christina Poth | Professor of Typography
Susanne Stahl | Professor of Editorial Design


Target audience: University members Public Prospective students

24/05/2024, 4.00 pm


University Library
Main building HG
Kiepenheuerallee 5
14469 Potsdam

Tram 92, 96
Campus Fachhochschule

The event floor can be reached barrier-free via an elevator.

Location: Library